SCALPO - Flexi Ep

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After a few demo tracks released only in digital, this Italian duo from Sondrio, north of Italy, brings us their first physical release in the shape of a flexi 7" with 4 tracks (+intro) of crispy, sort of claustrophobic, mid-tempo distorted punk. 80's italian punk/hardcore is a great source of desperate atmospheres fed on dissonances, noisy backgrounds, chaotic display and labyrinthine soundscapes. Bands like Wretched, Impact, Kina, Indigesti or Dioxina were some of the true masters at the craft. Althought Scalpo doesn't sound like any of the mentioned above, they have no problem in taking various influences of crude and bleak music, drinking from different sources to shape up their own "Psicoguerra Punk", gloomy mid-tempo distorted punk full of angst and desperation. Just take as an example the song "Illusioni", a 1:19 minutes track with 6 different parts that don't repeat: no chorus, no verse, fuck that. Just 6 unique slaps of raw awesomeness. Listening to it it's like not knowing where the fuck you are going but enjoying the ride to the max. Welcome to SCALPO's trip! This silver foil stamped flexi 7" is housed a cardstock coloured inner bag with a Scalpo logo sticker on the top right corner and wrapped in a 350gr cardstock open jacket.

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