LOS PROBLEMAS - Malos Vecinos Ep

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Stolen from Condenado Fnzine and translate : We have spent a year to write the review of this 7″ titled Malos Vecinos de Los Problemas that in 2022 was released by Amor y Rabia Records label, who previously have also released 7″s by other bands from Latin America such as Daga, Himnos or Cruz Antigua. The latest reference released by the label to date is this four-song wonder performed by this Chilean quintet that I didn't know until now and that has left me impressed. When I first heard this four-song 7″ I thought of Tango 14 but, above all, of Cock Sparrer. Lots of musical similarities of Los Problemas with the East End band and these four cuts seem to have been extracted from Shock Troops. The Chilean quintet's sound is fresh, sweeping, rocking and certainly engaging. You're going to have to give the 7″ a spin in order to be satisfied, as these four compositions taste like little and, at least in my case, you're left wanting to hear more. Much more. Malos Vecinos de Los Problemas sweeps and convinces through its catchy guitar riffs, to the plucks, to the rock touch of its music, but also for its accurate choruses and lyrics. Personally, my favorite track of the EP is "Igual se escucha punk", but the other three, "Miseria en la ciudad", "No hay futuro para moi" or "100 Sobrevivientes". A superb 7" EP by Los Problemas. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)


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