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BERURIER NOIR - Concerto pour Détraqués Lp

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In line with the previous album (Macadam massacre), the music remains quite rudimentary, always based on the same recipe (guitar and rhythm machine). We note despite everything the appearance of a saxophone and the presence of choirs on several songs. The texts are for the most part serious and engaged. The songs thus attack rape (Hélène et le sang), psychiatric internment (Les Éléphants), the horrors and exactions of the world in general (Porcherie), incite revolt (Petit agitated, Le Renard, Les rebels, Live Free or Die) or draw a sinister portrait of society (He Killed His Little Brother, A Cruel Tale of Youth). If the album as a whole is rather dark, there are still some rather cheerful or joyful titles (Commando Pernod, Petit agitated).

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