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After "Irrecoverables" and "En Avant !!!", it's a long walk from the streets of Belfast to the banks of the Mekong, from the slums of Lima to the beaches of Okinawa, taking a detour to our abandoned suburbs , invited by Molodoï with their third album. More detailed texts, dealing with subjects rarely mentioned: Asia and its cultures, the fate of the Harkis, the more than uncertain future of the new republics of the East, all supported by a dynamic and worked punk-rock. François and his band do not claim to provide solutions but ask questions about life in society and the world in general, at the risk of raising a few teeth along the way... Dreaming of a "Federation of united peoples", an alternative to "nuclear mushrooms", hoping despite everything for a "Youth Movement" that would break "chains, ghettos and hatred", refusing despair and resignation, just advocating celebration and friendship... quite simply !


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