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COUPE GORGE - Silence de mort Lp

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Five years on from MLP "Troubles", COUPE GORGE are back with an album entitled "Silence Mort". The band persists in the same hardcore path that has defined them, but this time with increased maturity and audacity. The result is an opus that deploys a fleshed-out sound, where guitars and choruses intertwine to create an accomplished whole, both powerful and poignant.

The album exudes an unstoppable cohesion, a quality that comes from the individual talents of the members, each bringing their own unique experience to the table. With members drawn from now-renowned bands such as Syndrome 81 and CUIR; COUPE GORGE benefits from a wealth of perspectives. "Silence Mort" manages to capture a range of intense emotions, from the raging to the contemplative, from the tumultuous to the melodic.

Ultimately, COUPE GORGE's "Silence Mort" is an eloquent example of a natural evolution in the world of hardcore, remaining true to its mission: to break through barriers with music that transcends boundaries and resonates in all of us.

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