CASTILLO - Promo tape

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CASTILLO is back with a new release!!! What started as a "covid confinement" project turned into a full band that have seen a lot of live action these last couple of months in their hometown L.A. sharing stage with many great bands that toured the area and making a name by themselves with their fierce and anthemic Oi!Punk that is catching everyone's attention. Their debut 5-track one-sided 12" is practically sold out and now they offer us a new taste of their craft. This Promo Tape is an advance of what's coming in the near future and contains 2 tracks of that infectious breed of melodic yet agressive Oi!Punk, combining the mid-tempo stomp with a touch of epicness, memorable guitar work and fist-in-the-air moments together with faster, meaner and rougher parts that are in perfect balance. There was a US version on Battle Scarred Records released last month that sold out in a blink of an eye so now it's your chance!

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