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Tracklist Self Titled 7" Liar Pull The Pin Do it Yourself Inside Extortion Fuse Hate Your Guts Mindless Violence Boot Ride Nightshift Repeat Jed Whitey Split 7" A Step In The Wrong Direction Derailed Fix Me (Black Flag) Senile Out Of Your Mind S/T LP Over And Over Few The Proud Compilation LP IDNTFS (Negative FX) AHC Compilation 7" Smashed Up Rupture Split 5" Shit For Brains Fucked In The Head Pathetic Septic Surge Split 7" Useless Insignificant Manipulated Obstruct Get Fucked 5" Coma Decompose Completed Exposition Split 7" Amoral Closed Doors Blight Instantly Bent (Man Is The Bastard) Cold World Split LP Buildings Collapse Pitfall Cut In Half Bullet Hell Heresy Burn Down Code No Credit Kill Screen Bacterial Max 330 Mega Pro Gear Spec Terminal Cancer 7" Worthless Life Just A Matter Of Time Cut Short Who Cares? Monstrosity Cornered Libidinous Grandmother Isolated Control Trainwreck Unreleased Tracks Drawn And Quatered Put To Sleep Fucken Old Cunts Need A Kick In The Head (Rupture) Drunk Degenerate Demo Recordings 4 Outta 5 Maniac Life Under Lies You're Next Demo Tape My Own Two Feet Fusee Extortion A Step In The Wrong Direction Pull The Pin Derailed Not Now Not Ever Repeat Fistfight

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