SAVAGE BEAT - New World 12"

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Who would have thought that raw and raucous streetrock‘n’roll from the dirty backstreets of Amsterdam could look so… beautiful? I assume no one, but that is exactly what SAVAGE BEAT’s newest EP ‘NEW WORLD’ became – a beautiful piece of art with your regular (and playable) black vinyl on the A-side and an awesome (unplayable) screenprint (picture disc) on the flipside! Now obviously it’s the music that counts the most of course – but appearance does matter, and ‘New World’ is candy for both the ears and eyes with a screen-printed B-side! For the ears, there are five tracks in total – including the previously released, yet re-recorded anthem “Trapped”. This is yet another milestone in SAVAGE BEAT’s short but turbulent career to date, with their best work to date – more refined in sound and song-writing but yet hard rocking like never before. An absolute must in every way possible!

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