ATLANTES - Adamastor EP (Gold Vinyl lim 200) View larger

ATLANTES - Adamastor EP (Gold Vinyl lim 200)


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Second release by the Franco-Portuguese friendship (feat. Rattus/ALBERT FISH, FACCAO OPPOSTA, MANDRAKE etc. together with Victor/MARABOOTS, LIONS LAW, RIXE etc.) with three exclusive songs. The Topic of the debut, Guerriers Atlantes goes further: Its all about atlantic civilization. Gratis literary lesson included: The title song, Adamastor, deals with a fable giant created by the Portuguese national poet Luís de Camões, which was banned by the nymph Doris (daughter of God Oceanus) as a punishment for a love affair to the custodian of the Cape of Good Hope, where he met Vasco da Gama etc. The two other songs, Les Tambours De Guerre (Drums of War) and A Feu Et A Sang (Fire and Blood), deals with legendary myths in and around the Atlantic too. Musically in the same way: menacing, angry, stormy. Victors Vocals and the French language in general, of course, point in the rough direction: ATLANTES reminds of gloomy MARABOOTS with mythological-nautical touch, France Oi! from the dark side. Powerful, passionate.

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