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Shipwrecked: Can a recording be haunted? We Are The Sword is the 5th record release from Scandinavias Shipwrecked. Those men in the North that came onto the scene 15 years ago combining swords, shields and war history with a sound that owed everything to early Taang releases and those legendary six records with XClaim! on the label. Shipwrecked playing shows or releasing records has become as rare as northern lights over the spanish sky. As silent as their absence just as loud and full of force is every return of Shipwrecked. And here they come again, We Are The Sword was recorded in the scandinavian winter, just like all other previous records. It is the same storm that returns, but it?s like it is carrying and camouflaging something old, dark and sad now. Almost like haunted cries deep within the wall of sound that is Shipwrecked. Perhaps something awoke in those ruins of For the fall and now walks with the wolf hybrid men. More grit, more snow and ice - heavier too, but with the same furious speed, reverb and echo that is the fast violent noise. Stories of the ice-age, rituals, war, famine, violence and injustice - yet with a red thread of triumph. We Are The Sword might be a record filled with Darkness, but it is that very darkness that make Shipwrecked glow like no other. If there ever was a record constructed for Ragnarök, this is it.

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