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ULTRA RAZZIA - St Lp (Primator Crew)


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Oi!-punk de Montréal, composé en grande partie de membres des Prowlers (oi! Montréal depuis 1998 et toujours en activité),mais ici ça chante en français (dans le style 80's, entre warrior kids et du early-Sapu), la basse est bien présente et on pourrait rapprocher ça de Rixe (pour l'énergie) et Traitre (pour le côté sombre).  European Version - Primator Crew. 

Modern Oi is in an ugly place, a sub genre of a sub genre populated by small fish in an even smaller pond trying to grow limbs after three decades of recycled riffs, copied lyrics, and redundant sloganeering. If punk is a corpse then Oi is the distended liver poking out of its abdomen, hanging loose like a nipple to feed the legions of bands that are pushing for opening slots in the last throes of the Warped Tour and Punk Rock Bowling. Maybe someday MTV will come calling again and we’ll have a bigger platform to show off our new bleachers but until that day we’re all just stuck on the wash cycle and lemme’ tell ya, that bleach will make even the sturdiest of denim fall apart if you leave it in too long. Enter Ultra Razzia, the Mountie Marauders, the Quebecian Killers. Their 2017 demo tape was a trudge through familiar territory, copping the early Blitz singles in all their blown-out glory. It’s an easy path to follow and it’s a lot of fun, but it doesn’t lead anywhere. Luckily their trek through the catacombs of Oi found them cutting through the brush into less traveled terrain, and their first full length finds the band dialing back the distortion and focusing on single string riffs that sound straight out of ‘82, like the Meteors laying down singles for Riot City Records. The drums rarely push faster than mid tempo, but this band provides proof that speed doesn’t always equal intensity because, let’s face it, you can hear armies marching from a mile away and still realize that stomp still means your untimely doom.

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