REPEAT OFFENDER - Summary Execution Ep
  • REPEAT OFFENDER - Summary Execution Ep

REPEAT OFFENDER - Summary Execution Ep

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Exactly half a year after the vinyl release of their demo comes the second 7" by the Californians, and I can't be happier about this release! This band just gets better and better, more and more brutal, sharper and sharper, adding complexity to the songs without losing the point, and still keeping a healty balance between the fast ragers and the mid-tempo stompers they trade-marked. 6 new tracks of more sheer brutality, more feedback and distortion, more punching basslines, more of those sweet crazy memorable guitar riffs, more deep-in-the-cave rough screaming, more of that momumental drumming. More stomping and elbowing. This is awesome. Just check the 20 sec intro on "Culture Of War". You feel it? That's REPEAT OFFENDER coming for you and destroying everything in their path.

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