INSOMNIO - Walking On The String Ep (Blue)
  • INSOMNIO - Walking On The String Ep (Blue)

INSOMNIO - Walking On The String Ep (Blue)

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Barcelona Straight Edge. Debut 7", but we're not talking about newcomers here. Members of Appraise were heavily involved in the local scene in Barcelona for the last decade, from booking regular shows and festivals (like Fire & Ice Fest), running a record label (Cycle Records) and playing in bands (CINDER, COLLAPSE, POWER). Appraise are some die-hards, for which Straight Edge, PMA and old-fashioned hardcore is still vital and important. Their 7" contains 6 tracks (+ outro). If you're into Insted, In My Eyes, Floorpunch or Life's Halt... don't miss them.

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