NO TIME - Suffer No Fool 12"

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After a few years of silence, Pittsburgh's NO TIME are back with a 14-track banger, and what a comeback!!! Their 2016 "You'll Get Yours" LP has been a favourite in Mendeku Headquarters and for a long time had me wondering about the band, if it still exisisted or was no more, if they'd ever record any new material again or were dead for good...until mid '22 when the rumours about a new LP in the works turned true. And what a happy day! So here we are, almost a year and a half later, with a new LP that sounds and looks amazing. The band has a distinctive finesse to weave Hardcore Punk and Rock'n'Roll elements like no one else, creating a unique type of Bovver Punk with an amazing guitar sound and work; the songs are catchy, even danceable if you will, but they keep a rough edge and a tough attitude that makes it even more attractive. A whirlwind of elements from Punk, Hardcore, Rock'n'Roll, Pub Rock and Bovver Rock straight in your face. This is Bootboy Rock'n'Roll!!


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